Peugeot 306 Paint Codes Directory

A comprehensive directory of all standard Peugeot 306 paint codes with photo references. This is a common question which comes up on forums so I thought it would be a good idea to gather them all together in one place. Extremely useful if you are looking for the paint colour code to buy paint cans or touch up pens.

Tracking down the Peugeot paint codes was quite tricky and took a lot of time. If you are aware of any other 306 colour codes please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I will add it in.

Some of these codes also overlap with other models such as the Peugeot 106. Photo's are coming soon when I find the time.
Type Official Name Paint Code Photo Ref
Solid Onyx Black P3XY/P0XY
onyx black peugeot p3xy poxy
Pearl Astor Grey M0YJ/EJYC
306 paint code M0YJ/EJYC
Metallic Cossack Grey M0TH
cossack grey paint code M0TH
Metallic Platinum Silver M0YC peugeot paint code M0YC

Aluminium Silver EYCC  Image coming soon
Metallic Mercury Grey EZAC
peugeot paint code EZAC
Metallic Moonstone Blue M0YL
peugeot paint code M0YL
Metallic Provence Blue M0GR
M0GR 306 paint code

Metallic Miami Blue M0MY
peugeot 306 paint code M0MY
Solid Genesis Blue M0NW
peugeot 306 paint code M0NW
Metallic Sigma Blue M0NQ/MENQ
peugeot sigma blue paint code
Metallic Nile Blue M0GQ
M9GQ peugeot paint code
Metallic Rhodes Blue M03P
Pearl China Blue M4GE/EGED/ DEGE
peugeot M4GE/EGED/DEGE paint code
Solid Dragoon Blue P0NP
dragoon blue peugeot 306
Metallic Aubergine M0IG
M0IG peugeot paint code
Pearl Diablo Red M4KQ/M0KQ
M4KQ/M0KQ peugeot paint code
Solid Cherry Red P3KB
peugeot paint code P3KB
Solid Regency Red P3JZ
Metallic Egyptian Red/Newport Orange M0HA/M0U7/U7M0
peugeot 306 U7M0
Metallic Firedance M0W9
M0W9 paint code
Metallic Champagne

Metallic Blaze Yellow M0DX
M0DX peugeot paint code
SolidSahara Yellow M03F/M0C3
sahara yellow peugeot 306
Metallic Venetian Green M0QU
peugeot paint code M0QU
Metallic Laser Green M0SS
Solid Nordic Green /Vert P0QY
nordic green peugeot 306
Metallic Pinewood/Roland Garos Green M0RP
M0RP peugeot paint code
Metallic  Kingfisher/Tropical Green MOQS
peugeot 306 M0QS
Solid Bianca White P0WP/P3WP
bianca white P0WP/P3WP
Solid Alpine White P0WT

There are over 25 Peugeot 306 paint codes listed above. Please let us know if you know of any others :-)


  1. There are also 2 White paints you missed out:
    EWPA solid color White Banquise mat non varnished
    EWPB solid color White Banquise mat with varnish

    Both have been used since the mid 90's until today on various Peugeot and Citroen cars

    1. Never come across that one before thanks, seems there are many shades of white Peugeot decided to use!

  2. EYCC - Aluminium Silver - It's on my 306!!

    1. Nice! Is that a metallic colour do you know?

  3. KRF - Sherwood green on mine, it is slightly metallic

  4. EYCC is a metallic colour, it's also on my 306

  5. here you can find all the paint codes from peugeot


  6. I don't see Noir Kazan, M0XC. Our '97 cab has this colour.

  7. Many Thanks for this information for my 1999 306

  8. Does anyone know which white was used on the 99 306 XSI? :S

  9. Hello,

    There is also the colour Gris Iceland Metallic, code EYL

    306 Fan from Belgium ;-)

  10. can the images be fixed on this article please?

  11. Mota Gris Magnum metallic on a 94 306xt