6 Clearly Insane Street Racing Videos From Around The World

People love to know about the insane actions of others, in our prehistoric past we would have sat around the fire and listened intently to stories of the local madman wrestling a sabre tooth to death with only his bare hands and a rope made from back hair. Thousands of years later thanks to the marvels of modern technology we can now witness the acts of madmen from around the planet...in HD.

I’d imagine street racing has existed in some form since young men had transportation, probably even before that, although racing on foot is pretty lame. You just know Lord Jenkins used to burn it up against the other kids in his horse drawn wagon.

"Race for slips, lord?"
Videos were chosen for how they scored on two simple credentials:
  1. Balls - Did the gravitational effect of the drivers testes mess up CERN experiments? If so then we like it.
  2. Noise - No petrolhead wants to hear your Adele drum and bass remixes, turn off the music and let the engine sounds assault our ears.
Enough of my drivel, here are six insane street racing videos from around the world...

#6 - 1000bhp+ Lambo showdown

As if Lamborghini’s weren’t fast enough already, these guys have spent thousands tuning them up.1000bhp+ supercars and 300bhp bikes going at it on the highway with pure engine sounds. What is there not to like? Skip to 2.00mins if you get bored quickly

#5 - Angry, Angry VTEC

Ah, so this is what an army of angry wasps sound like. Just another standard night out on the mountain roads of Japan by the looks of things. Driver testicle size  9/10 - noise 6/10.

#4 - British road racing

Apparently this was filmed in England but i’m dubious of this personally as it’s not raining. This might have made it into the top three if it didn’t have stupid music all the way through.

#3 - These guys are probably dead by now

These guys are literally deranged. BMW M5 vs Audi RS4 on the highway. The noise in this one isn’t that great so it didn’t make it into the top two. The Audi indicates when changing lane a few times, presumably for comic effect.

#2 - Aural pleasure

This is 26 minutes of pure savagery. I don’t even know where to start, the flaming exhausts, twitchy rear ends, tyre squeal, epic engine noise. Watch and enjoy.

#1 - Need For Speed happened in real life

Huge cojones - check. Epic noise - check. These guys have basically recreated a cut scene from an arcade racing game. Vtec has never sounded so good (apart from maybe this one).

So there we go, six street racing videos from around the world.

Important note: Street racing is dangerous and stupid. It may seem like we are promoting these videos in a positive way but remember the title of the article includes ‘clearly insane’. These people are idiots and they are lucky to have not killed themselves or anyone else.

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