New York Autoshow 2012 Photos

Gallery of New York Autoshow 2012 Photos including the stunning 2013 STR Viper and special edition Hot Wheels Camaro.

I was recently lucky enough to be in New York on holiday so it would be kind of rude not to pop in to the New York International Auto Show - North Americas first automotive exhibition which has been running for over 100 years. When we went the show was not too busy so there was lots of space to look around and get in most of the cars. Unfortunately all the juiciest ones had the doors locked but still. The Javits Centre where it is hosted is huge and you could easily get lost in there. Anyway on with the photos!

chevrolet camaro hot wheels
Camaro 'Hot 'Wheels' Edition - more info here.

All the new BMW's and Audi's were exhibited with matte paint finishes although it's not completely matte as their is a slight reflection to it. More like a lustre finish in between completely matte and normal reflective. It certainly looks different and catches your eye although I can't say if i'd prefer it to a stunning deep glossy black.

Matt black Mazda Speed RX8

2013 ford focus st photo

at new york auto show
New 2013 Ford Focus ST - nice but not to keen on the single-but-double exit exhaust.

Cut-away exhibit of Ford's new turbo

The New Nissan GTR looks insane from behind - each of those exhaust tips is huge

white lamborghini at ny auto show 2012
Stunning white Lamborghini tucked away in the corner

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

See what I mean about the matt/not-matt finish?

photo of 2013 str viper

Hailed as the star of this years NY Auto Show the new STR Viper looks incredible, these photos really don't do it justice. The iconic Viper has been out of production since 2010 so for fans this should be a welcome sight.

The engine spec of this car is frankly insane - reported as having an 8.4 litre V10 with 640bhp and 600lb/ft.

It caused me much mental anguish that there were no French manufacturers at all. Whilst I was in the US I saw no French cars -  VW, Audi and some other European car makers have made it over to the US so why no Francais?

The average size of American cars is absolutely ridiculous and everything is a V8 or V6, you can see why the Honda boys get so much stick for their puny little '4 bangers'. 

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