KWP2000 Plus ECU Flasher Tool Review

The KWP2000 Plus is an easy to use tool which can read and write data stored on a cars ECU. This article will cover:

  • What the KWP2000+ tool does
  • Supported vehicles & ECUs
  • What is included in the kit
  • Limitations
  • How easy it is to use

I briefly mentioned the KWP2000+ ECU flasher in my previous post on DIY remapping your Peugeot 306 HDi but didn't really go into much detail about what this tool can do or how easy it is to use. That post got quite a lot of traffic and I had a few questions so I thought it would be useful to do a dedicated post all about the KWP2000 plus.

What does it do?

The KWP2000+ is a compact and affordable tool which connects to your vehicles ECU via the OBDII port and allows you to read and write data on the ECU. It must be used in conjunction with a Windows PC/Laptop with a USB port as this is where the tool reads to and writes from.

The data which can be read by the KWP includes parameters and tables which control the injection timings, torque limiters, speed limiters, ignition advance and many more depending on the ECU in question.

The KWP2000+ does not give you the direct ability to edit these values, it only enables you to read the data from the ECU and then write new data onto the ECU.

The tool is commonly used by enthusiasts to 'remap' their vehicles ECU for performance or economy gains. The benefits of remapping an ECU are huge and deserve a post or three dedicated to them but here are just a few:

  • Increase in BHP
  • Increase in torque
  • Better throttle response
  • Wider power band
  • Increase in MPG

What's included in the kit?

The exact contents of each kit from can vary from store to store so watch out but generally this is what is included:

  • KWP2000 Plus ECU interface device
  • Shielded USB cable to enable connection of interface to PC/laptop
  • OBDII connection cable
  • 20 pin BMW connection cable
  • 38 pin Mercedes connection cable
  • Software CD
  • Lighter to female banana cable

Is it compatible with my car?

The KWP2000+ has support for 44 types of ECU, click here to see the full list.


  • Not all ECU's can be flashed over the vehicles OBDII port, however they can be flashed if the ECU is removed from the car.
  • Memory back up is not supported by all ECU's listed in the above link.

How easy is it to use?

Very! The software can be a little daunting but if you follow the official instructions all will become clear. It is really only a case of:
  1. Installing the drivers and software on your computer
  2. Connecting the KWP2000 to your computer via USB and to the ECU via OBDII
  3. Choosing the correct ECU from a list in the software
  4. Clicking 'read' and choosing where to save the file on your computer.
Writing the data back to the ECU is a similarly simple process. I can't imagine it being much more straight forward.

Before starting the process there's some important information on the steps you should take to prepare your laptop/PC for reading/writing to the vehicles ECU in another blog post located here.

Any questions or comments? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi there , pretty good and useful information on the device . Can you please tell me how to use the female banana cable and the lighter connection? Also want to know if flashing is possible with the device when the ecu is removed? Can it read immo file ? My email. thanks.