How To Synchronise Peugeot 306 Infra Red Key Fob

photo of peugeot 306 infra red key fobFollow this simple guide to re-synchronise your Peugeot 306 infra red key fob.

There are several reasons you might need to do this:
  • Bought a new / second hand key fob
  • Replaced the batteries
  • If buttons are pressed multiple times whilst the vehicle is out of range

Follow these steps:

1. Unlock drivers door using the ignition key.
2. Press and hold large lock/unlock button until the red LED begins to flash.
3. Wait for 20 seconds and then press the smaller double locking button which will cause the red LED to stop flashing.
4. Release the large lock/unlock button and the LED should remain illuminated.
5. Enter vehicle and hold remote against the ignition barrel.
6. Press the large lock / unlock button.
7. Turn the ignition on to the second click and wait 10 seconds.
8. Turn ignition off and wait 5 seconds.
9. The synchronisation process is now complete.

If the infra red key fob keeps un-syncing itself then the battery may be on its last legs. See our other post here which tells you how to test in 10 seconds f the infrared part of the key is still working correctly.


  1. I put new batteries in my fob but the led light isnt doin any thing it doesnt even light up can any 1 help

  2. how do you do it with a single button fob