Peugeot 306 Secret Fuel Cap Holder

Fed up of resting the fuel cap on the roof or pump? Check out the photo below and your mind will be blown. Ok, not quite secret but it's amazing how many people don't know about this so I thought it was worth a quick post and photo, I had my Peugeot for two years before someone else pointed this out to me, fairly sure it is in the owners handbook though.

Comment below if you didn't know this holder existed!


  1. Think I might have known about this, but it's too long ago to be sure. I came here via the question about fuel tank capacity, though, because earlier today, a screen saver cycled past a 1999 photo I took on arrival in Sydney (Picton, actually) from Melbourne on a single tank of gas. Now accustomed to much smaller fuel tanks on small Pugs (I've had a 206-7-8 as well), I was surprised to see *all* 306's had a 60-litre tank ... which might have been why I took the photo, because it showed I'd just taken on 61.5 litres! I'd post the photo if it were possible and I knew how ...

  2. I wish it would be like that in my country also. Recently, in Athens/ Greece, i filled the tank right after the warning led went on. It showed that it took 65lt.

    I am not sure when the led comes on and how many liters are still in, but to fill 65 lt from that point is too strange, right?

    How many liters your 306 can hold, when you are in a gas station?