How to use PP2000 with Windows 7

To use PP2000 with Windows 7 you need to run it on Windows XP in a Virtual Machine.
PP2000 is a dealer level diagnostic tool which gives you access to a huge range of functions including:

  • Read/clear fault codes
  • Measure live data such as speed, rpm, voltage, coolant temperature, vaccuum.
  • Key programming

I used a free version of Oracle VM VirtualBox, you also need the free extension pack called VirtualBox 4.3.14 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack which allows you connect to USB devices from within the Virtual Machine (this is required as PP2000 connects via USB).

pp2000 running on windows 7

Simple guide
1. Download and install VirtualBox and extension pack.
2. Install Windows XP onto your virtual machine via .ISO file.
3. Install PP2000 drivers and software.
4. Activate PP2000
5. Open PP2000 software and connect hardware when prompted.

Good luck! There's lots of bad downloads/guides out there, a bit of trial and error is required.

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