Mazda MX5 NA Replacing Broken Corroded PPF Ground

If you are experiencing any sort of electrical or starting issues it is always worth checking all your grounds or earth straps as they are also known.

On the Mazda MX5 there is an important earth on the PPF which provides a really strong connection to the engine block. Due to this earth location being low to the ground it is fairly common to find this connection badly corroded or even snapped completely (see below).

If you want to replace this PPF ground strap entirely then this is the spec:
  • Length: 1500mm
  • Size: 16mm² 
  • 6mm ring lug terminals on both ends

When replacing the cable it is a good idea to give the area on the PPF a good clean to remove any corrosion and ensure a solid collection. I used a wire drill bit attachment to do this.

Then it's just a case of feeding the cable through the grommet and into the boot. At the battery end I simply bolted the new cable on top of the original connection. Secure with cable ties to stop chaffing.

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