Mazda MX5 MK1 [Tall People Mods] Remove Clutch Foot Rest Pedal

I wouldn't be the first one to praise the Mazda MX5 NA for being a great drivers car, nor would I be the first one to comment on it's lack of cabin space...

I'd actually wanted an MX5 for a while, but being 6ft 5in (195cm for you non-backwards readers) it was always debatable whether I would actually be able to fit in the thing.

Fortunately I took the plunge and although things were a little tight, with a few small mods I am very* comfortable and importantly can turn the wheel 180 degrees without hitting my knees.


This post is about removing the clutch foot rest pedal, which was one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective mods I made to get more leg room in my MX5.

The clutch rest pedal is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - it sits to the left of the clutch pedal and it's purpose is for you to rest your foot on when cruisin'.

Unfortunately for us tall drivers, it also takes up a load of valuable leg space.

Fortunately, it is only held in place by 2 x 10mm fixings.

Removing the clutch rest pedal will leave 2 threaded studs rising up from the floor which are a bit uncomfortable as you can feel them through your shoes. It's also nice to have a flat platform to brace against when cornering.

Two options:
  1. Grind them off
  2. Fix something over them

I went with option 2 as I want to be able to put the pedal back in when I sell the car. I had some bits of wood in the shed and thought that'll do...

The mounting studs are only about 15mm long which is why I had to sink the holes slightly so the nuts could get a bite on the thread.

Side shot shows just how huge the plastic dead pedal is compared with my delicately hand-crafted replacement.

Doesn't exactly look fantastic but this was just a test fit and I wasn't sure if I was going to keep the mod.

This summer I might paint it black and then stick some grip tape or similar on the front face to make it blend in more.

At first it feels a little strange as you have to lift your foot more to press the clutch rather than slide over to it, however after a couple of hours driving you will completely adapt to it.

More Mazda MX5 tall people mods coming soon...

Please let me know in the comments if you found this helpful and also any other recommended mods for tall drivers of MX5 Miatas.

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