Mazda MX5 NA Replacing Broken Corroded PPF Ground

If you are experiencing any sort of electrical or starting issues it is always worth checking all your grounds or earth straps as they are also known.

On the Mazda MX5 there is an important earth on the PPF which provides a really strong connection to the engine block. Due to this earth location being low to the ground it is fairly common to find this connection badly corroded or even snapped completely (see below).

If you want to replace this PPF ground strap entirely then this is the spec:
  • Length: 1500mm
  • Size: 16mm² 
  • 6mm ring lug terminals on both ends

When replacing the cable it is a good idea to give the area on the PPF a good clean to remove any corrosion and ensure a solid collection. I used a wire drill bit attachment to do this.

Then it's just a case of feeding the cable through the grommet and into the boot. At the battery end I simply bolted the new cable on top of the original connection. Secure with cable ties to stop chaffing.

[SOLVED] How much do Mazda MX5 baby teeth/tie down hooks weigh?

mazda mx5 tie down hooks baby teeth
You may have noticed the two ugly looking (probably rusty by now) "tow hooks" pointing out the front bumper of your MX5 NA.

These are not actually tow hooks but tie down hooks used for securing the cars when they were being shipped from Japan to different countries.

They have affectionately been nicknamed the baby teeth by Miata enthusiasts partly due to them kind of looking like teeth sticking out the front bumper, and partly because many see it as a right of passage for owners to "pull them out" when they first get their MX5.

weight of mazda mx5 baby teeth
The weights of the tie down hooks are often exaggerated so here are the definitive weights for both front and rear tie downs as I have just removed them from my car.
  • Front tie down hooks: 1.3kg
  • Rear tie down hooks: 1.5kg
  • Both front and rear combined: 2.8kg
The weight might vary within a few grams depending on how rusty they are. :-D

Should you remove the baby teeth?
Will you notice that kg, no, but as far as weight saving goes on cars, it's a very easy win at no cost to comfort or practicality. Probably the easiest 2.8kg you will ever save...

Some people use the baby teeth to tow the car, so bear this in mind if you do decide to remove them. However this is not what they are designed for and Mazda do not recommend using them for this purpose.

In my opinion the front bumper looks much better without the tie down hooks sticking out, especially if they have gone rusty.

How to remove MX5 Miata baby teeth?
The front baby teeth are held in place by three bolts on each tie down hook, these can be reached by turning the wheels to full lock and then reaching in from the wheel arch. As you would expect, they are likely to be rusted so it's advisable to soak with a penetrating oil before as it can be awkward to get a good angle for putting a lot of force through the spanner.

The rear are held by two bolts (I think) and can also easily be removed without needing to jack the car up.

[Guide] Fitting Running/Side Marker Lights To Mazda MX5 NA

Mazda mx5 side marker lights

Fitting running/side marker lights to your Mazda MX5/Eunos Roadster is a subtle mod to make your car stand out a bit and increase visibility to other road users, it's also ridiculously easy to do yourself even if you have never worked on car electrics before.

US spec cars have orange running lights in the front and red running lights in the rear, however UK and JDM spec MX5's have reflectors instead.

Fortunately for us it's very easy to fit bulbs in these reflectors and wire up the side marker lights to be come on with the side lights.

Tools needed:
  • Cross head screwdriver
  • Wire strippers/cutters
  • Crimping tool
  • Drill
  • Large flat head screwdriver
  • Pliers

Parts needed:
  • 2 x 501 (W5W) bulb holders
  • 2 x Amber 501 bulbs
  • 4 x Cable Lock (Scotch Lock) Connectors
  • 4 x Butt connectors
  • 2 x cable ties
  • Electrical tape
  • 8amp wire

Step by step guide
Remove side reflectors and make hole in the rear to fit bulb holders. To remove them just undo the two phillips screws on either side and then gently pry out.

mazda mx5 side marker reflectors

The only difference between the UK and US side reflectors is that a hole was not made in the rear. So all we have to do is make that hole.

501 w5w bulb holder

Use something to measure the diameter of the bulb holders so you know how big to make the holes. The plastic is very soft so go slowly and no need to put much pressure on the drill, you don't want to fly through and damage the lens.

My bulb holders were about 13mm and I didn't have any drill bits that big, so I just went as big as I could and then gradually increased the size of the hole with various flat head screwdrivers. This worked very well as the plastic on the rear of the side marker is very soft.

You want a nice tight fit so the bulb holder doesn't fall out and water and dirt can't get in. You can secure the bulb holder with silicone or similar but I wanted to make it easy to change the bulbs so chose not to do this.

Remove sidelight/indicator unit and thread wire through to wheel arch

Mazda mx5 Miata side light wiring

Again just two phillips screws to remove the sidelight, both bulb holders twist to unlock.

Pop up your headlights and there's a few holes to feed the wires down into the wheel arch directly under the headlight. I routed the new wires under some of the original wiring to keep it tidy and stop it from flapping around.

Fit cable lock connectors to positive and ground from the side light

The good thing about the cable lock connectors (also known as scotch locks) is that you do not need to cut any wires to tap into the connection. Watch out that both wires are centred in the connector to ensure a good connection is made.

Connect bulb holder to new wiring

The 501 bulb holders that I bought came with approx 7cm of cable so this needed to be connected to the new cable I just installed. To do this I used bullet connectors from Halfords as a temporary measure however I am intending to solder and shrink wrap this connection as that is a more permanent solution.

Fit amber bulbs and refit reflectors

You want to check at this point that everything is still working as it should. Sometimes the scotch lock connectors can be a bit temperamental. So give everything a good wiggle and tug to make sure it's not going to lose a connection as soon as you go over a pothole.

Secure wire with cable ties

Your bumper should have this bracket in it which is ideal for securing the wires to stop them flapping around in the wind.

You're done

Like this guide? Spotted that i've done something really dumb? All comments welcome below.

Mazda MX5 MK1 [Tall People Mods] Remove Clutch Foot Rest Pedal

I wouldn't be the first one to praise the Mazda MX5 NA for being a great drivers car, nor would I be the first one to comment on it's lack of cabin space...

I'd actually wanted an MX5 for a while, but being 6ft 5in (195cm for you non-backwards readers) it was always debatable whether I would actually be able to fit in the thing.

Fortunately I took the plunge and although things were a little tight, with a few small mods I am very* comfortable and importantly can turn the wheel 180 degrees without hitting my knees.


This post is about removing the clutch foot rest pedal, which was one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective mods I made to get more leg room in my MX5.

The clutch rest pedal is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - it sits to the left of the clutch pedal and it's purpose is for you to rest your foot on when cruisin'.

Unfortunately for us tall drivers, it also takes up a load of valuable leg space.

Fortunately, it is only held in place by 2 x 10mm fixings.

Removing the clutch rest pedal will leave 2 threaded studs rising up from the floor which are a bit uncomfortable as you can feel them through your shoes. It's also nice to have a flat platform to brace against when cornering.

Two options:
  1. Grind them off
  2. Fix something over them

I went with option 2 as I want to be able to put the pedal back in when I sell the car. I had some bits of wood in the shed and thought that'll do...

The mounting studs are only about 15mm long which is why I had to sink the holes slightly so the nuts could get a bite on the thread.

Side shot shows just how huge the plastic dead pedal is compared with my delicately hand-crafted replacement.

Doesn't exactly look fantastic but this was just a test fit and I wasn't sure if I was going to keep the mod.

This summer I might paint it black and then stick some grip tape or similar on the front face to make it blend in more.

At first it feels a little strange as you have to lift your foot more to press the clutch rather than slide over to it, however after a couple of hours driving you will completely adapt to it.

More Mazda MX5 tall people mods coming soon...

Please let me know in the comments if you found this helpful and also any other recommended mods for tall drivers of MX5 Miatas.